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  • 1-on-1 coding classes with syllabus tailored to your kid's skill-level and interests.
  • Expert teachers that kids love.
  • Learn to code real-world projects like games, apps and animations.
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For ages 8-16
Lessons and content brought to you by a team from
  • 1-on-1 coding classes with syllabus tailored to your kid's skill-level and interests.
  • Expert teachers that kids love.
  • Learn to code real-world projects like games, apps and animations.
Lessons and content brought to you by a team from
Pujun Bhatnagar
Senior Lecturer at Stanford
Strive's curriculum engages both complete beginners and coding experts like none other I've ever seen.
Ari Sarker
President Mastercard Asia, Dad at UWC SEA
Strive has had a monumental impact on my son's passion for coding and technology.
Ness, 13
Student at Singapore American School
I found my passion for coding because of Strive. I've never been so excited about a class.
Classes your kid will love.
Many kids find coding intimidating or don't enjoy it their first time. At Strive, your kid will code highly visual games and apps tailored to their interests, making coding fun.
My kids love Strive! It's the one class that they're pounding their fist for more of even after a
1.5-hour session.
John Kim, Singapore American School Dad
Teachers from top universities.
We select for the top 1% of computer science and engineering graduates to be teachers.
I love how enthusiastic and fun my teacher is. I’ve never been so excited about an after-school class.
Ness, Grade 7 - Singapore American School
Unlock your
kid's future.
Coding portfolio, reference letter & certificates to help your kids get accepted to the best schools.
With my Strive coding portfolio, I got into my dream high school.
Neil, Grade 9 - Tanjong Katong Secondary School
Coding classes tailor-made for your kid.
Science lover? Code a simulation of the milky way galaxy.
Math lover? Build a calculator to solve their math homework.
Art lover? Create digital, generative artworks.
With Strive, I can apply my coding knowledge to math or sciences. It inspired me to take coding as a subject at school.
Kaavya, Grade 9 - Singapore American School
Trusted by students & parents from
Kaavya, Age 15
Singapore American School
One of the first students globally to create an NFT
Coded 20+ games and apps
Student testimonial:
"Strive inspired me to take computer science at school. I feel as though my coding knowledge has influenced my everyday life!"
What they coded:
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Neil, Age 15
Tanjong Katong Secondary School
Received A Direct School Admissions Offer with his Strive Coding Portfolio
Student testimonial:
"When I grow up, I want to work in the field of math and science. That's why I love learning how to code with Strive because they combine math and coding, making the learning very easy to visualize and to understand. "
What they coded:
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Imogen, Age 11
Learning university-level math and coding.
Coding portfolio of 20+ projects
Student testimonial:
"Strive has given me an advantage at school in math and coding. "
What they coded:
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Meet your teachers

  • Our teachers are top graduates or students from science, engineering, and technology.
  • Less than 1% of teachers who apply become Strive Certified.
  • Our teachers are selected based on their ability to emotionally engage and inspire students.
Teacher Image


BSc Physics | Zewail University of Science and Technology

Ibrahim is a passionate physicist-in-training and loves visualising real-world phenomena in code. In class, he not only shares knowledge, but also encourages students to think deeper about the world around them.

  • 100+ hours taught

  • Physics lover

  • Best for students who love science

  • Best for advanced students

Teacher Image


BSc Honors in Computer Science| University of Cape Town

Josie revels in sharing the joy of code with students of all ages. Her lessons are always a lot of fun, and she builds warm relationships with all her students.

  • Taught 50+ students

  • Computer Science graduate (with distinction)

  • Best for shy students

  • Artist/Designer

Teacher Image


BSc Science | National University of Singapore

As a creative spirit YL is especially invested in encouraging creativity in his lessons, and for students to go out of the box and see what happens!

  • 100+ hours taught

  • Graphic Designer

  • Best for creative students

  • Undergraduate

Teacher Image


BSc Mathematics and Computer Science | Rhodes University

Michael believes that learning math through code opens up an entirely unique world of beauty and intrigue, and helps his students discover the joy behind these important skills.

  • 1000+ hours taught

  • Math Olympiad Winner

  • Full time teacher

  • Best for new programmers

Teacher Image


BEng Electrical Engineering | Stellenbosch University

Luca inspires curiosity in those around him. In class, he empowers students to develop a strong visual intuition and powerful imagination, which, he argues, are the root of a problem-solving mindset.

  • Experienced with robotics

  • 4+ years teaching experience

  • Best for tech-savvy students

  • Experienced with game design

Teacher Image


BSc Computer Science | University of Mauritius

Akasha studied Computer Science at the University of Mauritius after ranking 4th nationally in A-Level computing, and has since channelled her passion for code into teaching. Her classes are beloved by the students who love a good challenge.

  • Software engineer

  • 5+ years of teaching experience

  • Alumni of MIT Global Startup Labs

  • Best for students passionate about app development

Teacher Image


BSc Civil Engineering | Anna University

Kavya is a veteran teacher and has completed a two-year teaching stint at some of the top coding schools on the planet as a full-time coding instructor. Through teaching, she hopes to spread her love for math and coding to young minds.

  • 2+ years teaching experience

  • Full stack web developer

  • Best for young students

Teacher Image


BSc Electrical Engineering | UC San Diego

Ritvik is a patient and friendly teacher who is skilled at visualizing complex concepts. With almost half a decade of tutoring experience, Ritvik encourages students to explore new things and make the most out of learning.

  • Undergraduate

  • Best for students who love games

  • Experienced with robotics

  • 100+ hours taught

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