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What is Math Through Code?

Using math through code students transform their static school work into dynamic visualisations, games, music and art.

The Old Way

The Strive Way

The Strive Way

Coded By James Grade 6 (Learn more)

The Strive Way

Coded By Sarah Grade 10 (Learn more)

The Strive Way

Coded By Neil Grade 7 (Learn more)

The Strive Way

Coded By Luke Grade 6 (Learn more)

The Strive Way

Coded By Hillary Grade 6 (Learn more)

Live 1:1 Classes with an Exceptional Teacher

  1. We match your child to a teacher with a teaching style suited to your child's pace and learning style.
  2. Strive will create a personalised curriculum suited to your child's strengths and interests.
  3. Your child and their teacher will create exciting coding projects together on a weekly basis.

Hear from our 100+ students

Pulkit (Strive Teacher) truly makes learning fun. His didactic style is geared to an enduring ownership of the topics. His pedagogical approach is remarkably mature; he demonstrates a keen understanding of the teen/pre-teen psyche. Perhaps most importantly, he teaches his students lifelong skills relating to scholastic discipline as well as emotional well-being.


Thank you for making learning so much fun. Your teaching methods and strategies are not only cool but also impactful.


I think it was very interesting. It felt cool, All of us had a lot of fun, your teaching style made our fundamentals clearer for algebra and co-ordinates

Student at UWCSEA

We are so grateful you've sparked joy and curiousity in our kids. They've been asking for "real" coding classes for the longest of time. They're having fun and they're asking me what's next. So thank goodness I had spoken with Pulkit (Strive Teacher) earlier this week.

UWCSEA Parents

The teacher explained everything well and clarified all my doubts. I had lots of fun trying to work out the equations.

Student at NPSI

I enjoyed a lot about the lesson because it was super informative but I also found it really interesting, the fact that I can make a spiral with just circular dots on a Canvas. It was really cool and I found it really exiting to do because I really like doing art and other stuff like that, that make me feel better.

Student at SJII

I liked how it was really well explained and I could understand every part of what I was doing and I wasn't just doing it randomly.

Student at SAS

She said that she would be taking the CS subject at school thanks to her experience with Strive. I cannot begin to describe how happy I was to hear that!


I really enjoyed how I learned a lot of new concepts through code! It was really interesting and I learned a lot more than usual because I didn't know anything about the topic.

Student at SAS

Everything. This was the best lesson so far, as not only did I learn a lot about functions and variables but I also learned a lot about how to troubleshoot problems and coming up with logical solutions. Also, the payoff at the end was incredible. I have never felt so excited about something I have created in coding.

Student at Boarding School in USA

The class was fun and we went slowly through the things in detail so I did not miss anything that was important. When I had some trouble with something I asked the teacher and the teacher helped me understand it.

Student at SAS

Thank you for the feedback on the girls! They all enjoyed the classes and are asking for more.

SJII Parents

It was challenging and it was so cool how the boat could move when I move my cursor! I am even going to make fish and starfish myself at home!

Student at SAS

I enjoyed how I learnt more things about coding, and it taught math in an interesting way.

Student at SAS

It was really cool to see maths get translated directly from code - and it was really cool to see that this is what linear equations are - and to break down y=mx+c

Student at UWCSEA

I enjoyed that I could learn more about polar coordinates and it deepened my understanding of geometry.

Student at SAS

I liked the way of explanation, and the math concept was explained in a professional and interesting manner.

Student at SAS

It was fun and educational, gives you a fruitful way to take a break from class.

Student at PSF

I enjoyed that it was just an extension of something I already knew before so it helped my understanding of the topic.

Student at SAS

It was very fun to be able to code in Javascript for the first time, and it is very cool! it is also very visual.

Student at SAS

I like that the teaching was in a way so that I had to discover things myself, rather than just giving them to me.

Student at SAS

This is my favourite lesson so far, as it is a game that I can play. I got to think about new ways of solving a problem, and ways of making the code as short as possible.

Student at UWCSEA

I learnt a new topic, and I got to figure it out on my own (with some guidance). It was a lesson that I could really think about things and try new possibilities of achieving what I want to execute.

Student at UWCSEA

Monthly Plans

Strive Starter

4 hours/month

1 hour session/week

Great for new programmers who want a gentle introduction to computational thinking and problem-solving.


$80 per class

Strive Engineer

Most Popular

8 hours/month

2 hour session/week

Best for passionate students who want to accelerate their coding and mathematical thinking to another level. This package is also great for students who struggle with retention since concepts are revised twice a week.


$70 per class

Strive Pro

Best Value

12 hours/month

3 hour session/week

Our ultimate package! Strive pro gives students the time to dive deep into our most challenging projects and explore all they have to offer. Best for students who are obsessed with programming.


$65 per class

Or explore a shorter course

Strive Bootcamp

Engage your kids productively this school holiday by introducing them to the world of math through code. A comprehensive bootcamp which after completing, students will be able to learn code independently or continue with Strive classes.

5 hour package1 hour a day



Boost Math Grades

Research out of UC Davis shows substantial increases to students math grades after using math through code in class. Coding boosts math grades because:

  • Coding shortens learning feedback loops.
  • Coding helps kids visualize abstract concepts.
  • Coding teaches problem-solving skills.
  • Coding makes math more fun.

Prepare Your Kids For The Future

Strive students learn the most valuable skill in the 21st century: Coding. It is needed in every job, profession and industry in the modern economy. To thrive in the job market of the future students should learn how to code today.

Make Math Fun

Our number one priority is to get students to emotionally engage with math. Once a student enjoys math and is naturally curious, learning becomes joyful and effortless.

"I liked how it was interactive and we were asked questions instead of just being explained to. It was such fun!" - David Grade 7

"It was really cool to see maths get translated directly from code - and to break down y=mx+c using code " - Strive Student Grade 7

What Students Learn


"Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn." - Stephan Hawking

Computational Thinking

Students learn how to break down problems and think logically. “Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.”- Steve Jobs


With code there are 100s of ways to arrive to the correct answer. Student's learn to design their own solutions in their own unique style while making visually beautiful programs.

Other key skills covered

Computer Science

Variables, local & global scope

Computer Graphics

Logical operators





Co-ordinate Geometry



Probability & Chance

"I loved this lesson the most I think because it was really interesting and easier to understand because it applied the knowledge from everything I have done. " - Strive Student Grade 8


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