Live Math Through Code Classes For Kids

Stanford Alumni teaches a revolutionary new approach to math education, by teaching math through code.

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Strive Teaches Math Through Code

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Learning math through code not only teaches the most valuable skill in the 21st century (coding), but it also makes math come alive. 

Students can visualise math in real-time, they play and develop an intuition for the math. Using math + code students can create games, visualisations, music, and thousands of other projects. Strive makes math inspiring and applicable to the real world.


Live Online 1-1 Lessons

Our world-class expert tutors will give your child the specialised support they need to succeed


Based on Your School Math Syllabus

Our content is specialised to your school's maths syllabus. Meaning we will be strengthening existing concepts and helping your child prepare for upcoming topics.


Learn how to code

We teach the most in-demand programming language in the world: Javascript. Students can use this to build websites, apps and AI bots. It is very similar to languages like Python so students can easily learn new languages after.

The Path To

Math+Code Mastery

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What Students Learn



Computational Thinking

Learning math through code teaches students about algorithms and how to solve a problem step by step


Real-world applications of math and coding

We teach students real-world math and real-world data science they care about. In the process, we answer math’s most notorious question: “When am I ever going to use this?


Foundations of software engineering

We cover the basics of coding, these principles are the same for all programming disciplines, so students can learn any other topic they want after they complete our course.

Other Key Concepts Covered

Math Learning Outcomes

✅ Coordinate geometry

✅ Problem-solving 

✅ Trigonometry 

✅ Functions

✅ Properties of shapes 

✅ Rates and change 

✅ Vectors

Coding Learning Outcomes

✅ Variables, local and global scope

✅ Logical operators (if statements)

✅ Computer graphics 

✅ For loops

✅ While loops 

✅ Algorithms 

✅ Arrays 

Strive Starter 🎉

8 Hours


✅ Introduction to programming

✅ Computer graphics 

✅ Loops

✅ Variables

✅ Functions

Math (Changes based on grade):

✅ Computational thinking

✅ Coordinate geometry

✅ Properties of shapes


$80 Per Hour

Strive Engineer 🚀

24 Hours



✅ Everything in Strive Starter

✅ Arrays

✅ Algorithms

✅ Strings

✅ Objects

Math (Changes based on grade):

✅ Trigonometry

✅ Functions

✅ Advanced problem solving


$75 Per Hour

Strive Pro 👨‍🏫


78 Hours


✅ Everything in Strive Engineer

✅ Classes & OOP

✅ Advanced Algorithms

✅ APIs

✅ 3rd Party Libraries

Math (Changes based on grade):

✅ Calculus

✅ Linear Algebra

✅ Imaginary Numbers


$70 Per Hour

Cancel anytime and get a no questions asked 100% refund on remaining classes

On top of all of this students get

👨‍🎓 Personalised college-ready portfolio 

 🎥 Lifetime access to Strive content  (videos + projects)

 👨‍💻 Lifetime access to Strive community of fellow students and mentors

Example Projects

Our projects are specialised to students interest and skill level. Each project is designed to teach new programming topics while being aligned with the school math curriculum.

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Students build a rocket that can be controlled with the arrow keys on their keyboard. They can also change the background colour using sliders controlling the red, green and blue values of the keyboard.

This is a phenomenal introduction project to coding, it covers topics like variables and user input. The math topics include co-ordinate geometry, algebra and properties of shapes.

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Strive Portfolio

Each student gets a Strive profile to showcase their coding portfolio. This profile can be used for university or job applications.

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What Our Students Say

Student at UWCSEA

I think it was very interesting. It felt cool, All of us had a lot of fun, your teaching style made our fundamentals clearer for algebra and co-ordinates


Pulkit truly makes learning fun. His didactic style is geared to an enduring ownership of the topics. His pedagogical approach is remarkably mature; he demonstrates a keen understanding of the teen/pre-teen psyche. Perhaps most importantly, he teaches his students lifelong skills relating to scholastic discipline as well as emotional well-being.


Thank you for making learning so much fun. Your teaching methods and strategies are not only cool but also impactful.

Strive Team

1000+ Hours Teaching Experience

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Pulkit Agarwal | Bsc Eng

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Pulkit finished high school at the age of 16. He then studied Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech and ranked 1st of 5794 students, with straight As and a 4.0 GPA.  He graduated from Stanford University with an MBA as one of the youngest: at the age of 25.

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Tamir Shklaz | Bsc Eng

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Tamir graduated with first-class honours in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Cape Town. Tamir is an experienced software engineer who has built multiple tech companies and understands how coding is applied in the real world.