Strive Sketch of The Month

Tanay Suresh

Best Intermediate Sketch

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What is Sketch of the Month?

Every month Strive highlights the outstanding projects coded by our students. We call these projects "Sketches"

All sketches created during Strive classes are considered, but students are encouraged to go above and beyond what they are taught in class by either creating new projects from scratch or adding their own creative flair to classwork.

Let's debug math class

Strive kids collaborate with world-leading math coaches to code art, games, and visualizations that give deep insights into real-world maths.

As the world becomes more automated, maths becomes more important. Kids who get to grips with its deeper principles will have an advantage over those who are limited to the manual calculations taught in maths class.

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Best sketch for
advanced students

Cameron Pefianco
Fibonacci Sequence
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Best sketch for
intermediate students

Imogen Pefianco
Calculate the properties of triangles
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Best sketch for
beginner students

Raina Lakhamraju
City Generator
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